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The Day of the Basset Hounds

I saw three basset hounds today. Three! And they were all random, unrelated instances of houndage. I don't think I've ever even seen one before today. How does that happen? Mom was with me at the last sighting and that was her second one of the day! She saw them, too! What's up with that? Does it mean anything? Is this one of the signs the world's ending?


On an unrelated note, finals are over. I'm relieved, I guess. But lately I'm more apprehensive about my need for a job and what that would mean for my studies, my hobbies and my overall enjoyment of life.

The logical part of me realizes that I've been lucky to have as much time off as I've had. Most people probably wouldn't have the luxury. But the selfish part of me sees the seven years I spent hoarding all my spare cash like acorns for winter. I rarely went out, had any fun, bought new clothes or cut my hair...all so I could piss it away in a year and a half. It's hard to see it go.

I need a job and soon.

Oh...but I don't want one.

But I really, really need one.