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Minutes of Entertainment

Though I haven't actually seen The Princess Bride in a long time (why don't I own that?), I recently reread the book. If you haven't had a chance to read William Goldman's book, I definitely recommend it. It's funny in the way Good Omens or any Christopher Moore novel is, if you're my mom, it's not for you, but if you're anyone else, you'd probably find it hilarious and charming.

So, on a PB binge, I searched the youtube for viddies and found this slice of awesomeness:

I did surprisingly well on it, but the book seemed to hurt as much as it helped. Inigo's age when he challenged Rugen is slightly different (for no apparent reason, why would they change that for the movie?)...and the Miracle Max's idea of the best thing next to True Love was totally different (in the book, it was cough drops, of course). But lots of fun will be had by anyone who fancies themselves a PB fan.

One more thing...related videos lead me to this (can you say awesome?):